Extension Pole

Nice pole. -Kenneth L.

Extension Pole

Works like a champ! - Harvey C.

Extension Pole
This is the ultimate example of the right tool for the job. Just finished using it to paint my soon to be here son's nursery. Not only is it very smooth in extension, but also has several options for length. I like the click in place solution MUCH better than the ones where you have to screw the handle to get it to hold. Got to be so second nature to roll, unextend, load the roller and re-extend. Made me much more efficient. -William D

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Jiffyloc Product Reviews

Jiffyloc Quick-Release Adaptor

My roller never loosens up on me. Thanks for this adaptor. - Peter K.


Extension Pole

Great Pole Did its job Plus! - R.R.

Extension Pole

Easy to extend, smooth and not too heavy. - Kathleen C.

Extension Pole

It is well built and much easier to use than the type that you have too unscrew to extend.- Richard B.

Angle-All adaptor
"Secrets of the trade"

The Angle-All Adapter is a priceless tool that saves time and money. How else can you back-brush the upward facing portions of the logs on a log home? This has been our cherished tool of choice for over 10 years. We simply screw on our stain brush, attach to a long pole, and away we go. With the simple push of a button you can brush the tops of the logs from the ground! Push the button again and the brush easily pivots to allow the brushing of the bottom of the logs. Thank you Jiffyloc for saving us hours and hours of ladder work!

Grovom Painting
Helena, Montana"